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Philips SHQ6500 - BL
Vesitiiviit, langattomat urheilukuulokkeet
  • Lenkkeilyyn sopivat
  • Bluetooth
  • Hien- ja vedenkestävät


Sport Headphones BT
Very affordable sports headphones
  • Bluetooth
  • Compatible with Apple products
  • Remote and microphone on the cord


Yevo Labs Yevo 1 Black True Wireles
Total wireless in-ear headphones
Active noise isolation
Up to 20h battery life


Toughtested Ranger (IP54)
Extra resistant headset
IP54 dust and water resistant
Durable Kevlar cable


Toughtested Marine (IP67)
Waterproof Headset
IP67 (Totally waterproof)
Durable Kevlar cable